Free Easter Directed Drawing Worksheet

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Greetings, fellow educators and enthusiastic learners! 🍎✏️

I’m thrilled to share another exciting resource that’s sure to bring a burst of creativity and Easter joy into your classroom. Introducing our FREE “Easter Directed Drawing Worksheets,” a delightful way for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students to practice their alphabet skills while learning to draw charming Easter-themed images.

This printable is designed to make the alphabet journey both educational and entertaining. With a total of 15 adorable Easter images, your students will embark on a step-by-step drawing adventure, mastering the art of crafting bunnies, eggs, and other festive surprises. And the best part? It’s absolutely FREE!

Free Easter Directed Drawing Worksheet

Free Easter Directed Drawing Worksheet For Kids

We understand that every student is unique, so we’ve catered to different learning preferences by offering THREE LEVELS of activities. Whether your little artists prefer following instructions in separate boxes, drawing inside designated spaces, or unleashing their creativity by drawing the image independently, we’ve got options to suit every style.

With 45 pages of black and white printed worksheets, this resource is not only engaging but also versatile for classroom use. Whether you’re an educator looking for a fun Easter activity or a parent wanting to enhance your child’s alphabet skills at home, this FREE Easter Directed Drawing printable is your ticket to an egg-citing learning experience!

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So, let the Easter-inspired creativity bloom in your classroom or home with our captivating directed drawing worksheets. Download, print, and watch the joy unfold as the little ones discover the magic of alphabet practice through the whimsical world of Easter drawings! 🌈🐰🎨

Year Round Directed Drawing BIG Bundle

Love the Free Easter Directed Drawing Worksheet? How about checking the full version?

Here’s another alphabet practice for preschool, kindergarten students, and elementary students! This is a fun way to learn how to draw. We included 15 images for each theme and is perfect for your classroom use.

The kids will learn how to draw images. This printable has step by step image instructions that they can follow. There will be THREE LEVELS of activities you can choose from. (Please choose what is best for your student)

Themes included:

  1. January- Winter
  2. February- Valentine’s Day
  3. March- St. Patrick
  4. April- Spring
  5. May- Easter
  6. June- Summer
  7. July- Independence Day
  8. August- Back to school
  9. September- Fall
  10. October- Halloween
  11. November- Thanksgiving
  12. December- Christmas

First: The kids will follow each step and draw it on separate boxes. There will be 6 steps in total each image.

Second: The kids will follow the steps then draw it inside the box.

Third: The kids will draw the image.

Find the link below to download the PDF!

How to Use Free Easter Directed Drawing Worksheet

Let’s break it down:

  1. First Level: Kids will embark on a guided journey, following each step meticulously and drawing their Easter masterpiece in separate boxes. With 6 steps for each image, they’ll be shaping up bunnies, eggs, and more in no time!
  2. Second Level: A bit more freedom! Following the steps provided, kids will draw their Easter creations inside designated boxes, adding a touch of personal flair to their artistic endeavors.
  3. Third Level: Unleash the inner artist! In this level, kids take the lead, drawing the entire image independently. It’s a canvas of creativity where bunnies hop, eggs nestle, and Easter joy comes to life.

20 Easter Activities For Kids

  1. Easter Egg Hunt: A classic Easter activity! Hide colorful eggs filled with treats or small toys around the house or yard for children to find.
  2. Decorate Easter Eggs: Get creative with egg decorating. Use dye, stickers, markers, or even try the trendy technique of shaving cream marbling.
  3. Easter Bunny Crafts: Create Easter bunny crafts using paper plates, cotton balls, and other craft supplies. Make bunny masks, puppets, or simple paper plate bunnies.
  4. Easter Egg Roll: Organize an Easter egg roll in your backyard or a local park. Kids can use spoons to roll decorated eggs across a designated course.
  5. Easter Egg Piñata: Make an Easter egg piñata filled with candies and let the kids take turns trying to break it open.
  6. Easter-themed Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt with clues leading to Easter-related items or treats hidden around the house or yard.
  7. Bake Easter Treats: Spend time in the kitchen baking Easter-themed treats like bunny-shaped cookies, carrot cake, or egg-shaped cupcakes.
  8. Easter Storytime: Read Easter-themed books or stories that explain the significance of Easter and its traditions.
  9. Egg and Spoon Race: Organize a friendly egg and spoon race where kids balance an egg on a spoon while racing to the finish line.
  10. Easter Hat Parade: Have kids decorate their own Easter hats and organize a mini parade to showcase their creations.
  11. Plant an Easter Garden: Get your hands dirty by planting flowers or seeds in pots or a small garden area, embracing the spirit of renewal and growth.
  12. Easter Egg Bowling: Set up a bowling game using plastic eggs as pins and a small ball as the bowling ball.
  13. Easter-themed Coloring Pages: Print Easter-themed coloring pages for the kids to enjoy, featuring bunnies, eggs, and spring scenes.
  14. Easter Bingo: Create or print Easter-themed bingo cards and have a fun game of bingo with family and friends.
  15. Easter Egg Decorating Station: Set up a decorating station with various craft supplies for kids to decorate their eggs.
  16. Easter Egg Toss: Have a soft egg toss game with plastic eggs filled with surprises. Kids can partner up and toss the eggs back and forth.
  17. Easter Egg Wreath Craft: Create a festive Easter egg wreath using plastic eggs, a wreath form, and colorful ribbons.
  18. Easter-themed Puzzles: Introduce Easter-themed puzzles that challenge kids’ problem-solving skills and keep them entertained.
  19. Easter Charades: Play a game of Easter-themed charades, acting out bunnies, chicks, and other Easter-related activities.
  20. Easter-themed Playdough: Make or buy Easter-themed playdough and let kids sculpt their own Easter creations.

These Easter activities for kids provide a mix of fun, creativity, and a chance to learn about and celebrate the Easter holiday.

Download the Free Easter Directed Drawing Worksheet now!

How to Download Free Easter Directed Drawing Worksheet?

Find the link below!

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The kids will learn how to draw images. This printable has step by step image instructions that they can follow. There will be THREE LEVELS of activities you can choose from. (Please choose what is best for your student)


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