FREE Halloween Math Task Cards Count and Clip (1-20)

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Interested with FREE Halloween Math Task Cards? Read more!

Welcome, dear readers, to a world where education meets enchantment! As we step into the realm of Halloween, we invite you on a magical journey of learning and fun. Today, we have something truly special in store for you: our FREE Halloween Task Cards. Get ready to witness the power of education wrapped in the excitement of this spirited holiday.

Halloween is a time of wonder, where imagination takes flight and creativity knows no bounds. It’s a holiday that stirs the hearts of both young and old, filling the air with a sense of magic and adventure. We believe that learning should be just as enchanting, and that’s why our FREE Halloween Math Task Cards Count and Clip set has been crafted with utmost care and dedication.

FREE Halloween Math Task Cards Activity

Counting might seem like a simple concept, but it forms the foundation of our mathematical understanding. With our FREE Halloween Math Task Cards, we bring counting to life in a way that captivates young learners like never before. By introducing adorable Halloween characters, from mischievous ghosts to cackling witches, we infuse the joy of Halloween into the learning process.

How to Use FREE Halloween Math Task Cards?

What makes our Halloween Math Task Cards truly extraordinary is the interactive element of clipping. Armed with colorful clothespins, children embark on a journey of discovery as they clip the correct answers on each card. This hands-on approach enhances their fine motor skills, while fostering a sense of achievement with every correct clip. It’s a small step towards building confidence and nurturing a love for learning.

Get ready to immerse your students in a fun and educational Halloween-themed learning experience. These task cards are designed to engage young learners in practicing their counting skills from 1 to 20, all while enjoying the festive spirit of Halloween.

Each set includes a collection of 20 vibrant and visually appealing task cards, featuring a variety of Halloween-themed images such as pumpkins, bats, ghosts, and witches. Each card presents a different arrangement of these delightful characters, encouraging children to count the objects and identify the corresponding number.

Pages: 7 pages + credit page

As you embrace the Halloween spirit, we invite you to embrace the magic of learning as well. Our FREE Halloween Task Cards Count and Clip set offers a delightful blend of education and excitement, igniting a passion for math in the hearts of young learners. Let us celebrate this enchanting holiday by providing children with a meaningful and engaging educational experience. Join us in creating a future where learning knows no boundaries and dreams can come true, one clip at a time. Happy Halloween, and happy counting!


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The Task Cards Math and Literacy Bundle is a collection of educational materials that includes both math and literacy task cards. These task cards are designed to help students improve their skills in a fun and engaging way. The bundle is suitable for teachers and parents who want to provide their students with additional resources to enhance their learning experience.

Finding the perfect activities for your students or kids may be time consuming. This MEGA bundle is perfect for the whole year. I created themed Math and Literacy task cards every month. Literacy task cards are focused on Alphabet while Math Task Cads are focused on numbers 0-20. If you need more task cards, please see the other bundle!


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