Free Valentine’s Day Preschool Kit

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As we step into the heart-filled month of February, what better way to spread the joy than with our Valentine’s Day Preschool Kit!

Tailor-made for the little cupids in your care, this kit is a treasure trove of love-themed activities designed to make learning both fun and festive.

So, let’s dive into what makes this kit a must-have for your preschool classroom or homeschooling adventure!

Free Valentine's Day Preschool Kit

From adorable heart-shaped coloring sheets to friendly Valentine’s Day animals, these printables are crafted to engage young minds in creative exploration.

Each page is a canvas for imagination, helping preschoolers express their love for learning.

Valentine's Day Preschool Kit

In this activity, we’ll explore the alphabet through the lens of love and Valentine’s Day. Each letter will represent something delightful and heartwarming, creating a festive and educational atmosphere in your classroom.

Valentine's Day Preschool Kit

“Cupid Says” is a delightful and heartwarming variation of the classic Simon Says game, designed to add a festive touch to any Valentine’s Day celebration. In this engaging activity, Cupid takes center stage, guiding participants with whimsical commands related to love, friendship, and all things heart-shaped.

From blowing kisses to making heart gestures, this game not only brings joy and laughter but also encourages listening skills and promotes a sense of camaraderie among participants. “Cupid Says” is a charming addition to Valentine’s Day festivities, creating memorable moments filled with love and laughter.

The Valentine’s Day Number LEGO Tower activity combines the joy of construction with the excitement of counting, creating a dynamic and educational experience for young learners. In this hands-on adventure, children use LEGO bricks to build towers, each level representing a different number associated with the theme of love.


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